About ClasSAY global

ClasSAY global delivers comprehensive Class A surface protection products to major automotive OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry. We’re a group within SAY Plastics, a leading contract manufacturer that is ISO-certified in the Design, Thermoforming and Assembly of Plastics Products and components. At SAY Plastics, our integration of application identification, design, tooling development, plastic lamination, plastic forming, final assembly and follow-through customer service establishes our ClasSAY global Group as an unprecedented resource for ISD protection.

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Surface Protection for Production, Assembly & Transport

From shield solutions for internal assembly protection to protective packaging for material handling and part shipping, ClasSAY global combines our thermoforming and application engineering expertise with design and manufacture solutions that will help you maintain your Class A surface requirements.

Global Reach

Customers around the globe trust ClasSAY global for their surface protection products. We’ve helped a leading North American manufacturer cut packaging waste and significantly reduce damage to a supplier’s shipment of chrome wheels, and our SAYshield products have helped leading global automobile manufacturers get substantial return on investment from more effective in-service damage protection.

Our Commitment

We believe that commitment to the customer and commitment to quality are linked. Quality begins with our ISO 9001:2015 certification. It ensures we always accurately and efficiently manage our processes to the top industry standards. Our commitment to quality carries through to our exceptional customer service. Exceeding customer expectation is our number one priority and has been since we opened our doors 30 years ago.

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