In-Service Damage Solutions

ClasSAY global has developed In-Service Damage (ISD) solutions for customers around the globe – from exterior and interior applications including fenders, seats and consoles to transportation applications like dunnage and racking. Our unique alternative tooling capabilities is one of the many ways we’re able to deliver significant cost savings – and shorter lead times – to our customers.

Our in-house engineering and tooling experts have pioneered alternative tooling design that delivers lower upfront tooling costs and faster tooling development, which ultimately leads to overall cost savings and faster product delivery of our customers’ surface protection products. And our ISO-certified processes ensure that you’ll always get ISO-standard quality.

By fully embracing alternative tooling and CAD model data, we have virtually eliminated our customers’ requirements to find, pack and ship sheet metal or other items often required by our competition for ISD shielding development.

We process our primary material, a plastic alloy, in-house including foam lamination when required. By managing our material, we control costs and pass savings on to you.

vertical integration Vertically Integrated

Our vertically integrated business model delivers more to your bottom line:


Our internal processes focus on providing unmatched customer support:

  • Extensive Statement of Work (SOW) development
  • Manufacturing work cells
  • Alternative work schedules
  • Onsite support teams
  • Post-sales support options
  • Regular maintenance visits

Forward thinking Forward Thinking

Embracing innovation and technology means we never stop improving:

  • Virtual First Article program
  • Utilizing CAD model data
  • In-house technical specialists
  • Proprietary plastic polymer application and laminations
  • Expanded color offerings
  • Sustainable packaging

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