For suppliers that are looking for a more reliable way to pack and ship their parts or protect their parts while moving through the assembly floor, ClasSAY global offers SAYpack service. Get a customized lean concept solution that will save you money and erase in-system damage issues.

Our in-house tooling and engineering teams have worked with many global customers to customize surface protection products for a variety of product handling applications. We have delivered significant cost savings by designing solutions that have helped our customers cut waste, decrease manpower and improve the safety of their material handling processes.

Custom Handling Systems

Many items like machined, plated or class A surface components and assemblies require special care in transporting. ClasSAY global evaluates your needs and will custom design packaging that provides the necessary protection and can be returnable for re-use. By following a set of protection principles and procedures including SAYshield and SAYlamination, we can provide a system of complete surface protection throughout your manufacturing floor.

Collapsible Return Systems

To minimize room for storage and returnable freight economy, our handling systems can often be designed to fold or nest without compromising the protection value. Returnable/reusable package design and materials that are durable and environmentally friendly can offer cost-savings and efficiency to your unique application needs.

Protective Handling Systems

SAYpack protective handling systems can be designed many ways – foam laminated, color coded, UV protected and often made from re-grind material re-use. Lightweight materials reduce freight and internal labor while providing a safer work place for your employees.

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